Baby crocodile Duba didn’t like talking. Sometimes Duba hid on bush and didn’t wanna see anybody. A chipmunk was coming to find Duba, and yelling for a long time, but there was no one . Berries in bush were ripe, red, sour and sweet. The chipmunk knew that Duba likes berries most,  so there was right to find him in the bush.’You are really here!’ The chipmunk drilled down the bush, and watching Duba sitting here and eating berries. The chipmunk said: ‘If you don’t like talking,then let us eat berries.’ The chipmunk sat near the Duba, and they ate so much berries that their mouses turned red.

Q:  Why Baby crocodile Duba ate berries by himself?


A: Because he didn’t like talking.


This is an article which I tested my students’ level of Chinese reading. I am really moved by this story. This is a terribly easy story but I am deeply absorbed in chipmunk’s perseverance to finding his friend Duba.I don’t know why he didn’t like talking, he should eat berries lonely. But I am shocked that my students almost answer this question without thinking. Maybe it is a children’s world.  Duba and the chipmunk just like my students, with same age, same emotion, same logic. They are cute and pure, so does their friendship, so does their world.


Time goes so fast that I have gone through my childhood years ago. I miss the childish age which is full of smiles, hugs, imagination, friends, happiness. When I came to this elementary school, I remembered what is like when I was a little girl. ‘Too young too simple.’ Cause we are young, we have chance to design our futures and do a lot of things we like and just do one thing we want like a fool.  Be simple is a big wisdom though we are getting older and older. ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’like a baby, like a poor guy, just to insist on doing one thing like the chipmunk to find Duba. Keep and believe the original of life. That’s what I learned from my students.


Miss   Zhu