Miss Zhu’s teaching notes10-3~10-7


This is my first time to write my blog.  I am from China, Zhejiang Province.  My hometown is Hangzhou City, which is a very beautiful  city. I am a undergraduate at Changchun Normal University which is in the  northeast China.  Now I am a volunteer of Confucius Institute.  I am a teacher at Madison Elementary School which is a Chinese immersion school. I believe this trip to the United State is a valuable experience.


I am in the fifth grade. To be honest, it’s a big challenge for me. Because children in America are maturer than children in China. They are independent and have their own personality. They are familiar with this school’s rules and stuffs and all of everything than me. Many times I don’t know how to do that but they do. For this school, I am the freshman.


Each child like a castle. They have their own room, they design their rooms in different ways. They have furnitures, sofa, chairs, tables, cloths, drinks, foods, bed and so on, and they trend to make these goods feel comfortable as they like. In some way, they recognize themselves as a core in this castle, and they think the classroom which has 22 students here is her/his castle. They do what they want although that’s not allowed in the class, at the same time, they don’t do works that teacher asks them to do because they just  don’t want to do. They just  say ‘ I can’t do that’.’I don’t wanna do that!”Why should I do that!’ or ‘What I suppose to do?’ They think it’s reasonable to say these sentences because teachers will respect their willings cause they think teachers should be. But actually, respecting is a mutual relationship between students and teachers. They remember their rights but they forget their obligations.So they are disrespectful to teachers some times. They ignore what teachers saying  and say ‘no’.’what’ to their teachers.


Of course, they are cute. On Friday morning,  one of my students took the same school bus with me,and when we arrived ,she waited for me to go to the class. My friend said she envied me that I have a such student. I felt proud of it,too. Some students say ‘Good Morning’.’Goodbye!’ to me. When they meet me ,they give me a big smile which make me happy. They like cartoon, when they watch spongebob movie they just like a little baby. They always ask funny and creative questions so that I can’t answer. That’s interesting! They have a good relationship with each other. They are sympathetic when somebody is crying. They help each other, they cooperate with others in class.


As a teacher, I should be positive! Each coin has two sides. Each one has own shiny point. I will try to dig out these points.I know it’s not easy to manage this class. But I believe  I can do it. It is an opportunity to learn, to grow up, to be maturer. I really appreciate it.


This Friday, Miss Yeh and I have announced new rules and took some new measures to manage the class. Looking forward to the next week.



               Miss Zhu





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